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As a solution-oriented company, we are the full-service provider for your acoustic problem. For this reason we have experts who can advise you from A to Z. We analyze your problem, check the various possible solutions and, after consultation with you, implement the best and cheapest solution for you.


Acoustic absorbers absorb the sound energy and convert it into heat. This prevents reflection from reverberant surfaces and reduces the reverberation in the room.


Sound screens unbreak the direct sound path between transmitter and receiver, and thus screen part of the energy from the source.


Acoustic pictures are absorbers that are packaged in an aesthetically beautiful dress. Individually put together with many variants and options.


Acoustics in open-plan offices are a major challenge. Various factors play a role and must be coordinated with one another. The speech intelligibility, and thus the disruptive factors, can be reduced with sound masking.

Practical seminars on room acoustics

Through our many years of multi-layered work in room acoustics, we have acquired a great deal of knowledge. We would like to pass this on to you. Benefit from it and use the knowledge for your customers and projects. With this knowledge, you will feel more secure and will be able to better assess situations. Invest in the future, register now ...

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