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INTRAKUSTIK consists of qualified acousticians and trained interior designers with planning and implementation skills and a lot of experience. We combine all the necessary skills to meet your high demands. We offer you integral advice and are available to you as a solitary contact for your acoustics and design questions.


That means we analyze, plan and carry out your room acoustics project competently, quickly, inexpensively and according to the highest aesthetic criteria.



Thomas Bruppacher CEO / owner acoustician interior designer

(Member of the SGA / SSA Swiss Society for Acoustics)

Walter Bruppacher Marketing / Admin / freelance work


Freelance acoustician sound engineers / freelance work as required


Architecture is frozen music ... (Schelling)

Hearing is one of our 5 senses and contributes a lot to human wellbeing. Acoustics is the science of sound and is subject to physical laws. Our drive is to know them, to anticipate them and to influence them with suitable measures. With us, this always happens in the focus of the person and after the use of the corresponding premises. Our aim is to develop and offer high-quality solutions at a reasonable price!

Als akustischer Partner des Netzwerks freuen wir uns darauf Sie auch bei einem Firmenumzug akustisch zu begleiten!

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